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Full text of "Alice's adventures under ground, being a facsimile of the original ms. book afterwards developed into "Alice's adventures in Wonderland,""

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► .g» .jjj. .jjf. ,jjf. ,jjf. ,jjf. ,jif. ^i. ^, 














[The Right of TrantHation and IterrodneUon in Re'erted.'i 




JVf ; \ i 


1887 1 

RirHARD Clay and Soxi;, 


" SSt^o biU gibblt mt i^t |!ob anb l^e m^z ? " 

So questions one of England's sweetest singers. The ^^ Howf* 
has already been told, after a fashion^ in the verses prefixed to 
*' Alice in Wonderland ^\' and some other memories of that happy 
summer day are set downy for those who care to see them^ in 

this little book the germ that was to grow into the published 

volume. But the " Why f " cannot ^ and need not, be put into 
words. Those for whom a child s mind is a sealed took, and 
who see no divinity in a childs smile, would read such words 
in vcan : while for any one that has ever loved one true child, 
no words are needed. For he will have known the awe that 
falls on one in the presence of a spirit fresh from GOD'S hands, 
on whom no shadow of sin, and but the outcrtfiost fringe of the 
shado^iu of sorrotu, has yet fallen : he will have felt the bitter 
contrast between the haunting selfishness that spoils his best deeds 

and the life that is but an overflowing love for I think a 

child's first attitude to the world is a simple love for all living 
things : and he will have learned that the best work a man can 
do is when he works for lov^s sake only, with no thought of 
name, or ^^ain, or earthly reward. No deed of ours, I suppose, 
on this side the grave, is really unselfish: yet if one can put 
forth all on^s powers in a task where nothing of reward is 

vi ** 8mf)0 iDi'II rititilc tnc tijc ^olu anl) tf|c 0®})$ ? *' 

Ji oped for but a little child's whispered t hanks ^ and the airy touch 
of a little child's pure lipSy one seems to come somewhere near 
to this. 

There was no idea of publication in my mind when I wrote this 
little book : that was wholly an afterthought, pressed oti me by the 
^^ perhaps too partial friends ^^ who always have to bear the blame 
when a writer rushes into print: and I can truly say that no praise 
of theirs has ever given me one hundredth part of the pleasin'c it 
has been to think of the sick children in hospitals {where it has 
been a delight to me to send copies) forgetting, for a few bright 

hou7's, t/teir pain and weariness perhaps thinking lo7'ingly of 

the unknown writer of the tale perhaps even puttiiig up a 

childish prayer {and oh, how much it needs I) for one who can but 
dimly hope to stand, some day, not quite out of sight of those pure 
young faceSy before the great white throne. "/ am very suj'c,'^ 
writes a lady-visitor at a Home for Sick Children^ ^^ that there 
will be many loving earnest prayers for you on Easter mornini^ 
from the children.^^ 

I would like to quote further from her letters, as embodying a 
suggestion that may perhaps thus come to the notice of so j fie one 
able and willing to ca7'ry it ottt. 

^^ I want you to send me one of your Easter Greetings for a very 
dear child who is dying at our Home. She is just fading away^ 
and ^ Alice'' has brightened some of the weary hours in her illness, 

and I know that letter would be such a delight to her especially 

if you would put ''Minnie'' at the top, and she could know you had 
sent it for her. She k7iows you, ajui would so value it. . . She 
suffers so much that I long for what I kno^cV would so please her T 
. . . . " Thank you vcjy much for sending me the letter^ and for 

" OTbo toill time m tifc T^oia anH tfjc CKf^g?" vii 

Turiting Minnies name / am quite sure that all these 

children will say a loving prayer for the ^Alice-man'* on Easter 
Day : and I am sure the letter will help the little ones to the real 
Easter joy. How I do wish that you^ who have won the hearts 
and confidence of so many children^ would do for them what vt so 
very near my hearty and yet what no one will do, viz, write a book 
for children about GOD and themselves^ which is not goody, and 
which begins at the right end, about religion, to make tlum see 
what it really is. I get quite miserable very often over the children 
I come across : hardly any of them have an idea of really knowing 
that G(3D loves them, or of loving and confiding in Him, They 
will love and trust me, and be sure that I want them to be happy, 
and will not let them suffer 7uore than is necessary : but as for 
going to Him in the same way, they would never think of it. They 
are dreadfully afraid of Him, if they think of Him at all, which 
they generally only do when they have been naughty, and they look 
on all contiecied with Him as very grave and dull: and, when they 
are full of fun and thoroughly happy, I am sure they unconsciously 
hope He is not looking, I am sure I doiit wonder they think of 
Him in this way, for people never talk of Him in connection with 
what makes their little lives the brightest. If they arc naughty, 
people put on solemn faces, and say He is very angry or shocked, cr 
something which frightens them : and, for the rest. He is talked 
about only in a way that makes them think of church and having to 
be quiet. As for being taught that all foy and all Gladness and 
Brightness is His foy — that He is wearying for them to be happy, 
and is not hard and stern, but always doing things to make their 
days brighter, and caring for them so tenderly, and wanting them 
to run to Him with all their little joys and sorrows, they are not 

viii " mL^a feill riWlc mc tije S0IO anH l|jt OTfig ? *' 

taught that, I do so long to make them trust Him as they trust 
uSy to feel that He will * take their part ' as they do with us in their 
little woes, and to go to Him in their plays and enjoyments and not 
only when they say their prayers. I was quite grateful to one little 
dot^ a short time ago, who said to his mother ^whcn I am in bed^ I 
put out my hand to see if I can feel Jesus and my angel, I 
thought perhaps in the dark they'd touch me, but they never have 
yet^ I do so want them to want to go to Him^ and to feel how, 
if He is there, it must be happy '^ 

Let me add— for I feel I have drifted into far too serious a vein 
for a preface to a fairy-tale — the deliciously naive remark of a 
very dear childfriend^ wJwm I asked, after an acquaintance of two 
or three days, if she had read ^ Alice* and the ^ Looking-Glass.^ 
^^Oh yes^ she replied readily, *'/V<? read both of them! And I 
think *^ {this more slowly and thoughtfully) ''^ I think * Through the 
Looking'Glass* is more stupid than ^Alice's Adventures J' Don't 
you think so ? " But this was a question I felt it would be hardly 
discreet for me to enter upon, 


Dec. 1886. 


The profits J if any^ of this book will be given to Children's 
Hospitals and Convalescent Homes for Sick Children : and the 
accounts^ down to fune 30 in each year^ will be published in 
the St. fames' s Gazette^ on the second Tuesday of the following 

P.P.S. — The thought, so prettily expressed by the little boy^ is 
also to be found in Longfellow s ^^ Hia^vatha^^ where he appeals 
to those who bclieife 

" That the feeble hands and helpless^ 
Groping blindly in the darkness, 
Touch God's right hand in that darkness, 
And arc lifted up and strengthened" 


CHAPTER r.\c;«: 






■JjJ. .Jjf. .jjj. .jjj. .jjj. ,^. .qp. 


ib ^*t vtry ~Uttd, of tiSS^ 
by Kif sUttr on. i^itM, 

•is •■ once or twiet eia. ^t/ 
IpttfuJi CrJs tit ^ak fur 
hisitr W4« fta.diii.j,tiii ii 
ii; And. w/fr^ ii i/it 
yuAoil-. fiLcturtS «r Ctn.- 

> Aet J-a-y majA, rtf 

RJ) viLt-Hnf Him. fiUtAurt, 

'ortk -Ha. -trouik ej 

ela/itts, WjUk a. wkm 

ii /lasheeL Q.crcss Aor miruL 'ihaJt' sfit fi^ouL ftp •fir' 

or a WatcA. -k f(Lk^ oa± of ct, O-tlI, fail cf dcrU^il^, 
€U /lurriU Ut, ;fUl<L aftlr ,t, CLnJ, was Jush 
LTL -tiTne. ib s^ i± pop down, a U-r^t Tdh^b-Jr - holiL 
UTidt-r iiht rit<i^t . In CL,^7dr tLowit, vve>i:i^ JiUce^ 
a-jttr it^ '72 ever ontc. Con^idLTcTi^ Aoyj ui thj^ v/orlrL 

sAe was ijD ^^ otL'i a^iun, 

tiLTLTt^i for Some, woy^ CLndL iJun, aUpptJL SiuU^k// 
down, So s tLiUL^nly ^ 'tkai' J^Uct, AaJL not o^morxu^n^ 
to 'tfUtLk ai-ouir stoppiji^ kexsttf, tr^fvre. sht fvujfti' 
/v^TSttJ- jalLin^ (Lov^n. \>ikat Ste^rn^d a, deep y^/e^U . 
JLiAtr "ihjB, wtU was ver^y d^ep , or '^Ae feli \ftry 
^loYtlj, for ^h^ luid pU.7L^ oj- LLTne^ £Ls t;/le, vi/ewT 
i^WTi "to Uok ai-ocL't /iJiTf an,iL "to won^dey \^lioi' 
would Ko-pl^^f^ 'ne^x^b. Tcr^ir^ sAc tri^JL "tb look, 
dov^n. artd mak^ out wA,fiit" sAc was CoTn^in^ ^, 
ixuJt. ib wo. 5 "too d-yiJrh "6 See Cun.\ftkcTt^ lUi^fL j^fi^ 
looked, a-t -t/i^ SLcLts. oJ- tie wt.ll , ciTid rwUotl 
-tkoJr "Me^ \^^rt, fcLLtd wjtt Cuplroii-rjis cunjl tvok- 
-$Afr£veS ; /(ere turuL i^rt Wfcre m,Aps Cund pictufts 
ku^TvQ 091 /ue^S. SAe took tujajr dovfrt off- One. of 
oj- tht sAe/v€S xs s/i€ pnsstd : Ur was lalrt.ll9d 

OratLQe^ M^ArTnaLa.JjL'^ (rtLt "6 ht-r a^tat disAppoinJ-' 
' TTLtTCb itr Yj(LZ -trrtpCy : 9fit cLcd noir Likt cc ^rvp 
tfit Jar, ^r fe^t^ of kcLLcnj SornjtlroJLy UTnL^rrutCtiuf 
So TTLCL'n^a.^tJL ~tb paX it" t'TltS OTtt, of- "t^ tu^l-otLrds 
as sAe ftli pa. sir ih, 

(L fo^tl as -fkCt, I 5^a.U -ikCrLk notkun^ of-tunirUnj 
(Loy^TL stairs ! ^ow trayft 'ihty'H qjLL -tkiTtk me 
oi /lottlA ! "ViTLy ^ I wou,lJ,7Lt Say an^/Atn^ tLoaeib' 

it ,evew. Cf- 1 it.ll off "iht, 'hp t^ tiv fiotLSt, !(w^U 
I^clS moH: UULy "true, J 

DoMffi , djOWTL , dLoMfn. .^VlotLlii ik^ /all ntvtr 

-fall^v- ^y "^^ 'tt-yff' ? SolU sAt, alouJL, I ynus^ 
^e Q^itLft§ SouxcH/^ert near "tAt Cctl/t^ of tn.^ 
ear77l.-I<^ m€ 5ee .* Tk-^ir woulL<L oe fouLr "t/iouSAnd^ 
^iUs JLcy^n, IthLnJc-^^ (for yoa se^ Alire fial 
learnt Stveral i'Ain^S of tfiCs Sort en. Ae-r itSsofiS 
in t/it s cAo oLro^rrL , eunJL fctoo-^X- "ti^^ was n{ft a. 
^ltr^ SeoJL opportunity of ^kowt-n^ off Aer Icn^yf^- 
^ledfe,^ as tktrt. was no onB "6 kta.r hAr, sTcU 
it xvas good firaciLC^ T^ ^'^y it cytr^ >s, ^ts 
tfie -rtakt- dtstarcc^ , lra± ^Atn. yr^Ajii IjO*4^ibi<lt 
or LaXirJt-lint^UUlk oi ^XAlUt kU ao ixLa, 

«i 8 — a 

s/tft titrug^t iky ivcT-e nitt. ^roLrudi \s/(mU A Say J 

I t^AaU foM. ri^fd- •'^qu.ijjt, iht tay-a ! How /^any 

\fnlk tktCr keaJjs doYJTL'^a.'rd^! 3at I sLeull hoivc 
"tb t^S^ "ttem ufuet tkt TLkfTu. of. fh^ toicrttry lS, 

<>poke,(f^^^^y CurTsgy^-^^ ^^ yOtLT^ fcilLrLQ "tkroatk 

ijic Out . do y^oiK't/LC'n.h you. cxidd, TTtciTmgt c^-J OltuL 
Vikoi OJL ufTtor^nt' Little ^irL shtU. HurJc me. 
^-r a^kin^ - -M, it^H ntvt-r do ib ask : ptr/ujLfis X 
sLaU Sec it wrlttiTL uf> 5o77L£wle.r*. 

Down, dc^rt, down. :'thtrt was TLoiJuxq tlse, 

tfl do, So Alice. &oon, 0-eya,n. iulJiCn,^ (Lo (iuL,'J)uml 

wUl TThCbS mt vtfy ttuulJi toni^Lt , J sLctUd 'ilUn/t! 

(DCneJi vjiLS'i/i^ tat J X fiopt, i^ty*ll TtTfitrn^L tx fitr^ 

^o-u-CCr of- fTXctk OJC Ltau'iZm.^ • Ok, djta,r- ^vn^k , Z 

Yii^L T kad yoiL Atrs, ! TAer* «jr* 1X0 TrUcC CK "t^L 

air, I rrt a^, fruj' \^otL rrU^kt cdtti a. h-eii, cmil 
ttLQj:\ very LiJcA a ^nouSl, you know, TTLy dj^oT, ^td 
do taU tat (rati , I wondtr f^A-rii Atre. AUci, 
fftQCLfi Ho qtt ratfitr sUtpj, and h/d on ^A.y^ 
-to htrs^lf, in a. drtanKj Soii of- WAy * do ^Ts 
tat i^oMs ? dj} ^ats tai i-ats T Q-nd S4)m>Ctim<S, 

*" do IroTt ea-i" Cats F^' /or*, as ^Ae cotLltLuLt OJiS'rftr 
tlUur OiLtstucn , it cLidrit TtzulcL TruLtttr^ \kf nlcL 
v^iLy s/u pttt' ir. SAe felt thAr sit h/as do%i7t^ 
off, and A^d jast crt^tcn. "to cLTe,a,Tn^ -iJuLt ^he, 

was Sayi-rvj to her ytry ^ttLrnt stly , ^J/o^^ 'T>i7La/i 
yny Jbtajr^ tilt rnt 'tAt Cru-ti . Dcd, yoa, tvtr t,ai 
Ou Ira^t ? vik^n- ^iLddtTiMy , trturtp . Iftirrup : down, 
slit 00,7716 LLpon. a. ficoLfi of ^CTcks ajriJL ^fuvCys, 
and "tkt faU Wtt.S oy/^-r. 

Alict w(LS not tL IrCt atLrt^ and Jtcmptd 
On -^ Aet- /eelf- oLCr^.ttty : sAt looked ufi, Oiit it 
was all dark ovtrAead ; 6-efort^ Ae^ ^as 
anotAtr lon,^ /sjaSSa^C, and "VZc yjAc'tl nra.i-^it 
WAS sTlU in iL^At, Auf^y^crvj down. it. TAtrt, 
wa$ Tiot a rnorhitnh ix> ^e lost-: CwAy \Aftfit 
kUtt. lik^ Ut wLnd, and Just ^^ATd it Saj, as 
it turned a CoTTLt.r^, " '^^ ^^.rS aruL y^Ac^f^ers, 
Aow /ate t/-V Q^itLn^^f" SU ium^d tkt 
tornt^r aftTr it,. OtlcL cnsta-Ktly foLTuL furStlj 
irt a Lrvj, loMi KJ.L, Ut llj:> ^y a^w cf U-m^s 

TAere, wt.r^ doorjt a.U round ike. ^^^^j 
Irot -tity MKftre, alL tochd , and wA^tx. Alice. 
Ao.d teen all round it, a-rtd tirced ' aJl, 
ska walked Soudly devin. -Ue middte, wander i^j 

5 . 

£;.??**»• wen -fea Urj^, 

BS'A^Rt^^L ji^wtvtr, en 

'o. Uh' CurZauz, 
•fuUJi. was A- aoor 

. Ua l-.itU tcey in. 

jjojc, net la'T^er 
tat- garJtn. you. 

- -^^. .^^ _j_I f« , lru±- 

kfLCw how 'to &eyLn, Tir, jr»«t SAt,, So mjcny akt- 
'Oj' -Hie. 'Way iftl/n^s kjxA hjBL^ptnjtJL Ut<Iy ^ "tkoir 

i^e t*e rt.*JLLy impo e s Mt. . 

Titrt was n^tkift^ cisc t!^ o^^ 5a (Ae wtrdb 
tro^k '6» "tfuL itat'Ct^ , half kppLyt^ ski, truiaht' ftnJL 
Asi^tJujr key otL dr, ^ a£ am^ moCtk. a, S-ooh efrm^s 
fcr sfuMcn^ Of ptopU, Uke 'ti^LtScop^ ; -Uxs 
tunM* tht-n. wa.s a tcttit o-ottlt on. ct-^ whuJi 

tenrtoxnZy w«.s tLot "ihitrt^ vtfttrt. * Sax£ Allt^ 

CLnJL "tCtJL rcuscei ike, fLtcJc c^ ikt, IreitU* was a* 
pap^r laJrtl' wgJJt ihjt, words l^H^MK. JMTJB 
t-to^uUfuliy p-rirt-tttL art if Ln Llit^^ ltitir%. 

It wa5 ati yftry wtLL *& say VrAvuk >n£.7 
"Itut- I'd look first,^ ^OjU -64* W45e lUtU AUjCt, 
"ejud^ Jee whM^'r iht, ^ULls yruu-'kett "potion." or* 
not,^ fo-r Alixe houd, rt,iLtL sevt-raL fUec liMJU. 
storUs airoaJb' okLLtLrtn -thmi- got Irujrnt , CLnJL 
t,ailn, lip ^y w«i^' IruLotS , a.nJ^ othjtf^ un.pluLSajft 

SunpU, TulUs "thjtCr frienAs AtuL given, "i^nu ^ 
sucju A.5, -tkoAr jif you. gelr intc '^ f^ ^ it 
y^iU Ixam, yoit ^ OJid thai-, ^ y^^ ^/^^ your ^inaer 
Vtry J^ep/y wiM a. kfUft ^ Ct gtTL^ToJly trlttds^ aruL 


IrottU frtuurk^d >oiso»» *. it 19 ointoet Ctrtkift 
-id dd.*0^r€t> wCik you, soonmr or Inter. 

HowtvAT^ Hut t-attU wa,s rwt rttgurk^ 
poison, , %o Altct. to-sM Ct, nfuL fCrUCti.j ih vtry 
n.ic«,C it liMji ,vn. J-Ojtt, CL^ort of ^tvLn^JL fJ^^ur 
of diATr-y - tojrt , ciAJsto-rd, , fiinM' o^pU , rot^st 
tUrArejr, 'toffy, OJid. hjft truICtrtJL 'bA-^f,) sXe Very 
9oon. fini^k*^ it off" 

He * * 4h * Mfk 

"I m.ust tt sLuitcn^ up likt, a- AZe«6<yo«*/ 

li wa.9 sc iTtJ-^tdL * »Ae. wa.s n^w only 
4eiL incAe* Ai^f^, CLrvtL A#r faxe brt^kthttd Up 
(1.5 it occu.'TYtJL ih ftt:r ijvajb ^JU vi/as fufw "He, 
Ti^kt si!?e ifrr gocm^ -Marcu^L -Ike. UttU door 
Inih itudr loyf^ly S^rltn,.Tirsi ^ioYf^t^^, S^e 
\9aUttd fo-r fi^ few rrU^uuHs ib 9at wkeikt^ 
blue. WCL& SOLTiXf -lo skTtrtJc atty fu-rtkAT • ske 
felt a lUtU nt-rvaus atoui 'tiis^ j-or li' 
fr^ipAt eyuL. you knew,'' Said. AUct. ib U-rmtXf, 
"in my ^oi-n^ Out alto^ttktx, Ukt, a, CQ^te , 
and v^Aat ^kould I U UU "^n., I wortd^r V 
a.nJL S^ ilrt^J, "to ftincy v/kat -tkt, j-ltun^. of- a 

coinAU is ^iJc€ a^hr 'ikt Ceundie i» klown out, . 


[^^ it- . s^i, C««.U. 

tJUsnt- up one 0f 

tinJ. cnt4. 
no u.**. Ln. e.'ryi.n.y . 

a^vis* you. '& /eai'« 

- off ikiS Ta.,«& '^t 

tiairs in^ -^f 

In a. ^o-mm of- c-r'o^u^f she vvas J^^J*^'^S **»^& 
Acrsttf, for -/A^* CwrcouK c/itfeL was yftry 4x>nd 
cj- p^€ti'nAcn^ -fe tc 'two pecpit,^^ ^ut cF^ fio 
ust noMf^ '^UctL^ki' p^o-r A,Uc^, "to pr^'tt.ftJL tc 
Ixt two ptoplt, ' "^^Jf 'Hitrt*S Aa-netiy ertoii^n of 
me ttfir Tb nrta.kt one. Tt,9p^t.'taLUe, ptyscn. ' 

S^crv /c*- eyf» /xU on. a tittle th-ony 
Irox lycTuj u/n.iivr' fAe 'ta.ULt, • ^ke, optnetl i-C^ 
arul fouLfifL tVi tir o. vt'ry srn.a2l Coicc^ 0?r 
w/fUck was tyirtq o. cqjt^ wU^ the y^ortis 

in, Largt, letters J'U tat,* 9au6 ALci, OjlJL 
if it m.tJcts *7ie lar^cj^^ 1 ca-rt Ttack Ike key, 
anX if ^^ makes mt %mo,UtT^ I cajj. cree/d 
urult.r the cLocT', So -eLthtr y^ay TU. get: tnts 
f/i.« ^arr-cLtn ^ cu7\,tL I elofCir cq^L y^Ktck ruipptns! 
f?^e toi a. Icttle ^i-t ^ CLwid Sox^ ajtiKtoiLtfy 
■fe ktr^tlf wkicL way ? ivji^ck w^ ? anit laid 
ktf ha-ncL 071. -ike 'top cf kxr- AetuJ. tS» feel wAccX 
ivo-y it" wa.s ^'^owCn.g^ i^d wfas i^u.lte ^wrprCstJ 
•& S-lruL "^aJr skt. r%mauL'n%d "tke same S£«&; 
4 (re, SiiTA -ikCs is wkair ^cntT^iM.^ happt^ns 
lyAeTt one. eo2S Cakt., t-ut" Aluv ^f^ got 
Cnio 'the* ^ojy of e?t.pecUrt^ nothing (rot out- 
of ztht. wa.y "tA*:*,^* tb kappein^and. it StAvmcC 


_ I 


__ fij^tj* wtrt. gait^^ So 

. /Jfi /«**, J 

^Sh>r yu- new, <Ua.rS ' 
iltt' .' J sAaZf In a. ^naf- 
t^^^^^CB^ "^ ^eVter -mystl^ aioai- 

Jg2" yl^e., or ptr/uM.fiS 
i ~tnt' way X^ we-nX" 

^ tve^y CkrittTtias . 
vcTLd an. ftl^K 

'Atcy must 50 try tht. Cq.r^cer-/' sAt tficiLgkir , 

anc/ A-JH/ f-u-rtftj tt^U Seem., 5t7iJcn^ pre3eri& 
"fe one'5 OW71. Z**^ / >4l#u^ ^0«i/ o<£i^ tic eiirecIUfLS 

wdl lock f ALICE'S Kl&HT TOOT, JESQ. 



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MOLLfthir "tkt ^^o&f- of 'iht k.oM. r iry. Jftuii ,- she. 
^as *hJ»w TtCikt-r" nt9t*t, "Mam. rufjL j^efei* ^aii^ 
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Icjtrf f OJ^JL hAJL'mriviL off is 'tht ^ciritn, cLeor. 

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couJA ^, ^y^^ Jjown. Oft one. s^^» to toolc 
HiToiL^k Lntg 'ike. ^A.rJ,<^t. wctk ont «y€. , Vut 

s/^e 9o:t down, okTuL critd iLqox'n 

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pit.ll say "ii^,) * "A ^ry ^ "th.^ M/ay . ^top tA^'s 

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tilt, Sitm^, ^fudlin^ ^aUatL-i of thajr^ ^ it^tCtd. 
tJu.f^ was tt. lojrge, pool , aJrcui foar iti^Ka^ 
djt,*'^ f all r^vujnJL hjt^ , O-rtd T^AMJccn^ h^Xf Wcy 
acTd^S "ttt. kaXl AfU-y a umt ^ shje, Acclvx^ q. 
Libit. pattt^Cn^ of ft.ei irt ihjt dcs'iiL.ytte, , CLmL 


triiJ. fu.r ^ts 6 

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ovtT aU "t/ut. ' cJuJAnrtn. sA* hruj^ of "tkt, Sam*. 

I^rn ^%*''rt ^T Can?f *>•- ^l^nrt^ruie, , far T kn^w 

xdl Sorts of -HvLTug^y a^JL s^ , oA ! sie jhnows 

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aJll is f I'll i^y tf I /ctlow all "Me ^A^s 
J a5ot ^ krtow. Lti tnjL sec ; ^ous- tC7?t^O 
fLvt, ts "fcve/vft,, fouy LZm^s . 'Sex is iAlr-ttMJt 

anJL J^ujT* LLrnjt^ seve^Ti- Is fou.rt€€n. ok- J^^a,r ! 

I skUl nx^ftr^ g^t- ■& t^trCt^ td iJus ncL ! 

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rV-^tn-ce, a^uL "R^rnt. is iJu. cafitML o^lTo-rk^h^re, 
gx,rtJL 'PoL-rls ok cit£Lf . Jje,tLf^! tXgti aU. ^^^trho ^ 


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fuA,T&e ojnJL striLft^^, CLTuL "tAt Mortis dU. 7ut 

jitw cLcrii "Ale ii^ttU cTocotLdjL 
IrrLf^TO^M, itk zhXtvL-rL^ tail, 

On, ^^^'Ty ^oLUn, Seate, f 

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JKruL vitljccrruts littLt, fL^Les in 

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"FU^tnt^ afllr Ail, A9t^ X sAaH have, is go ojiA 
itjyfc tn. "M^ ficky -liitU, kou^e , QJuL AxLVt. 
nt.xt to n4> toys "to pU^f y^Ut, cunjl ok' t.vtr* 
So rnjoa^ Ztssofts ih tttuT'n, : JVo /. J ve. 9n,aM 
up my 7n.i*uL aJfo^Jr it : if lyn, TLrenoe.^ 
Til stay fi6>wri AerB . H^U In. 'no us^ 'tkeC'r 
puttCrL^ -fA^tV f^ecUs ilteyir%. aruL ^a.^cnj Come, 
up, JLt^r!* I skaii only Loo/c up a.7ui siy 

wL ant Z, -tktn f ^i^T tn€ ikat first-, cuyJL 
up: '^ 7u>t I'U sUj c^^wn ktr^t, ^CU 2W 

AlU^ wcM a sadd^j^ ^LLTat pj-tkars, "^ 1 etc 
wcsA •64.*y v^auU pa/ iku*- Lia^ dUwn, ! 
I am. So ijrt^il •/ ^<*i9Lf a^ oZpf&e A**fe / " 

act ktr rLtL'nJs , cunJL wa^ ^vLrp^isU. "to J-ijnJ, 
%kt, kaJ. puJr on tfn« o^ -£4^ TaJ^Uti ICttU 
^Zoves wAiZft sAft w/15 taJJclfiA^ "ii«w can 
J" /LA4f«. ^9L& iA^^ ? ' 'M^cc^A^ sXa^ "J "tnMsi 

iJr ajn,d fcujnjL "tt^tf"^ as TLCar'/y as 5^e CoulJL 
quJt.S9 ^ s4e WHS n^w aJroui twa /&«^ ^-%^ / 
OfLtfZ v\/a^ 9^^-*^ *"*• ^f^^'^^fth^n^ 'TaptsLLyj' S^on 
$Ae fouinA oujt Tn^fiT "falc. Tt^Son. ^^ i/* »vas 
^^^ rvost.^a,y sKe hjtXJL in. A£.r* hjvn.d : sAa 
dToppt-^ It luLstily, ju^^h ui 'ttniA "ic Sa,yfe, 

attd fou^n^ tka± sAe was n^vw oix/v -ttiX^^tt 


'•5"l.i-l'l»iii'l*#S4. tu Litu 

"tfuft^ is iueer "tod^^ , Vt-rj Scon. sAe Sti^ 
som,9.thin^ sptusAxsLA 0.1-0 ui' in. "Hit. pool 
Ttcarr Aer : af /irst sA^ ikoujkJr it m^tLsi- 
^-e a- Y^alrtLS or o. hlpp o fio'ta.niMS ^ Itct "thjut, 
skt kcw STn^a^U sAi. Was fu^Sttf 
OJLd soon. otti- iholr it \^0lS ^'^y ^ 
nujtLSt. , Tkair hoJL sl^pt^^ ^ likt Ltrstlf-, 

Wou.ttL «^ ie oju/ itse, ooM/,* 'dLoa.^lt 
Atict/io cpec£ "A -Uls mouse, ? TU raUct 
is Somt.'tLCftj f^A •<^- o/-"4fc,-Way,n^ cLouH^ 
astd So Aave X o^tn. ^ €ver sCncM. I c^jae, cLown 
k^re, fr*^ xAoi- is no <e«.san. ivJ^ ifte rnjou^so, 
Skould rurt Irt ai-U "4 -tollk . I ikiiuk I ntay 
its vJtlL LT^^ 

5^ sAe tr^oQji, : ok ^MTotLSt, ^ do ^f^a, 
krtovt Aow "to ^ct out of iLis />o«2 ? X a*i. Very 
tiftd o/ Swcm'vninj €kJrottt MfPt , ofc. ^1oc<.se. / 
Tie 77x«<t5e topk^d «^ Aer ToMjtr in^u^isStZi^j ^ 
anJ. sttJTTL^d "fe Atx "fe wtnAc wcZA Ofie «/ <& 

TtrftapS it dctant andtrsitasid JEln^s/i^ 
tfuou-ght' J^li-ce ; 1 cLLTt^ay iFs A TttficJi ?nouSt, 

corw over \^LlA WtUiint^t CSh^uiror t'(f^i 


V^itt all luT kn^voUdgt. if lis try ^ ALct. fiU 
nfi Vtfy cltar- notion, /ow /oTig a^o ayuftfung 
L^ Upp^fitl) So s/4e ^on. ajAit .• Va est 
"'nu. ctuCtU ? wAicA was -iU first SeiCtlnj^t, 

out of- flt-r TrtTLcJl UsSOtL-l-ook. T&t. ^TLOftSA 

qavt a, SudJjLn. ja-mp in. ifu, pooL and setmtJ- 
to (iu,LVtr wilt fri^kt :''ok, I hy your pardon, f 
CrCtJL ALct hjL^tCl^^ afraid -tkat sAe kaJL hj^f^ 
tkx. hoor am^-'n^^ls f-et.UTL^s, Z ^iLit£ forget 
"^ot didfCl- likt cats ! "' 

"Hot LCkt, Cats ! cried "thu ttvoll&c, 
in. a ^krill, passtonp.fe voUa, v^otuld \ipiL 
Likt Cats if- ^tiL w«r* 7nt ? * 

'tV^U, ptrhA/uS not^ Zaid Alice ^ 

"And ytt I y^LsL I Could sA.ow ^fau^ oic-r 
Coi- JbcnaJi :I ikCftk you'd take a. fanx.y U 
Cats if- >»"- CeuH o-nly £e.c htr. SAe ts SiuJi 
^ d^ar ^aidr thins: ^-^ ^^^ ^^f * 
ievscif, as sAi. swam, la-zily o^lrcat in. tU 
hool," ^f^ ^'^ purrLTtg So nicety by the ,^Lrt.^ 
Utklnq htr payi'S ttn-d wasAm^ Ifr fatC : a.nJ. 
$/l«. is SUX.L a TLLCt, ^of-f^ tfiLTL^ to TiurSC^ (Old 

Skt^S SllcA Ol cafictoLl one. for cdXckiag tvuc^ ' 

ck I I trta yoicr par don. critd fioon^ Atic^ 


ix^OjLTL, for* "tt/* uLfnt, "tAt, Tnous^ WO. 5 UTis'tlLfLj 

all •vtr, ajnxL shit, ftlt ctrttLin "iJuJr Ur was 

rta-Uy offt-n-dtj-, Aave J offt.-n.<l»JL yfom. . 

" Offt^ndil in.J^t.4, !" crieJL -th*., wL 
SttmedL io trt posiCiveL/ t-refnJiltnj yfCtt. rage., 
'our family aJyinjs Uttd- Cats .' Tfa-sty . /»>*•/ 
x^uljur- Uc-rvgs ! 2>o»i'f ±cilk -to mt a^fJr -tktm 


any m-ert. ■ 

"I wotCt i7,J-itt<L .'" SiUJ. Altec, en a.jresi 
Lu.r*y b> 4Jie. tion^ ^.Tunu , ' art jou— 
'are. ' you. - fcrtJ. of- — loss ? " TU m^u.^*-^ j-'L 
j^o-t a^«w£f. So A^«e. we«i- ««. t.a^&rly : t&t.rt. 
it 'io-ck. a. Titc» l<-ttU .J.»J *>-t,a.r ou.r Aon-S*. 
I ,fi.uW Uk^ *• sA,wcr«c fA tjJtU irce^f- 

can> r*-n^rnh^ half of ihm. ^:- 0.-r.J. ^T 
i-elo-js -t, a /arn...^, an.^ Ae say* it kULs 
^U -fU T-ti— Oil «^e*-.' 5-'^ A.^e 

./t*^ as Aa.T«i as ,.{■ t,uU SO.^nJ ^'^i^J 
^^ a. eem-moirttn /I Mt /»»»/ as t^ wen.f 




5o Sht. Ca,lUeL 5©/tZy o.j'ttY' it; * 7»Lflit** 

JLt^a-r J>q comt i-ach o^ai'n,^ a'ncL «v« \s/oftt < 
iai^ (Li-out cati and cLo^s an\^ yru^r^ , if 
yoiL tL>rtt lik^, -tk^rrv ! * M/^kt-n, the tn^tcSA hjtojrd 
this , ih "tu-r-n^ti an d. Svs/ayrt. slowly iru^.k 'to 
ht'T : its ftict, wae tiu^ilt palt.^Qy^iJ'^ /^OLSstan^ 
^/ice 'th.aii.QkJr/S cLixtL Ct ^aid^ en a, cr'ernJrlc *tjf 
low lets g-^t 'to zAjL sAomc, o-rvd "tki^n. 
X*ll itiL \fotL TTxy Ax«/oT"y^ anxl you^^U lLnJjt'*'<tajul 
wky it ts ^€ cdHts Q.rt.d do^S . 

X't wa.5 ki^k LLTTi^ Lo $o ^ f-QT i'hs, pool was 


^^ttC-n-^ Ittiti fvLLL c/ ^irds a,nd Anirnali tk air 
koA, foJLtft, trt/o iJt . l^ktrt, wflc a DueJc cund a. 
Dodo, «• l^ory and an, Xa^Z^f , tend Sftve-ro./ 
o'tkjtT cupreous cnreailL-res. A/icc l^d "tks, way 
arLd ^^e -wkoL^ p^rTy sv^axn. "to iJi^ skort- 



i: Ut 

fur tllttginy 
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■ "ia g** '^'ry : 

it- this, asul Alikt 

at fiMjit'ty htr: 

lAe. vl^d-i , a* 

kirr Vft. . In.deeil_ 

'Ulky, and wokU 

'yo'L, a-tuL must- 

'j^ou-Ld. TLiib *dnLiX 

'r^d & tcU. i& 


Jlo^p- , fl-^ •/ J**, o.7t.d, €kjtte.fLtl ih 'm^ f I'll 

diawix, oX" CTLce. , s/ijive^ircnM , in. a. lajrio'^ irin~n ^ 

AIlca in. "tkt TTuLtLdlt. , witL h^-r tyes iLrLr^icA^Iy 

fixtiL on- "thjL. TrtcuS^, for* sAe. ^f'tJLtr ^ttrrt. &Ac 
v^oalJi OmtcX a. ^o.^ Cold, tf sAe, djLiL *xi.t£ 

"Akctn, i * etvCJL -thjL. TTLcuSB, - yuiiK 


Sttf ~t,mj9c^tZamjtr (tif^ Curt, you, aJL rm.aJbf . ZaZs 
as "tk*. dbr^it^h "tkCrxA T krijow . ^ilffut, aJl 
Totcn-JL , if you, ^icuse / 

" W ilLitLvn. "iht, C on^tiuzjr oT , vv^^se CojtL^e. 

-io try "tfu Xyi-^Usk , vjKo wa.nit«i It^cU-rs ^ a*ut 
/la^ Irt^rt of- Lalth ^rruiLcA, ox^cu^s'thmjteL "fr asi*.yj&. 

carls of ^t/rcLA, OLTtd. iNcrthu^'m.brLtt, — - 

" Ua/i ! ** S aid, iJiM- l,9ty ivijfit CL sA^vtr: 
" I frfe? your pCL'rdon. . Sat^ "£Ae ttloclSC, 

"Not I /' *«^-^ ^ -^^"^ kcS-tcLy, 



Aim -tU tr^owTL, iVULarrt^s Ccndutir weus aj; 

^ f^iv ccT^c you, g^Zu^tLQ 077 now^ 

dUtLT ? SOX*/. ;ttfc moitie , 'tuTTLtn^ -to AUc€. 

"As Wt tL^ t>/tir^ stLcl poo-r Alice." it 

In. Moi^ ccLse, aoiu/ -fAe DoeLo ^olt^TLiv 

{Ldjourn , ^r ^/te i'nimt€LLalE <Lti.optt.on, of mere, 
cnAtratrttc •r^nue.eiiAS — - 

word-S , o.7LtL w/uCts rn^Tt^ ± eLofib Ir^Ce^ve. you 
dp eitktr ! ArteL "mt XitLc/c (iLLtLclctuL tL. Com- 
^forixtfU in.u.€i/i "To Its^f . Some of -Hie. o^^er* 
(rC'Tti't 'titt^.'reX QjJLttClrly. 

"I CtLLf rrtt^tLfck CO Stty , SOjccL iJit, DotU 
in CL TtLtkt^ O^'Vn.JU.JL tcTLt. y tfttLh I }cm^\A/ 

g^t "Tnt^ yoiL.n^. tetgLy cutlJ, 'th,^ nre^eir of "ikt, 
pCLri^ drUJ-, a.rv<L Hfk^n We CouLd, Its tin. 

ytfO. vVftHi QopdL ^rt^icgfi to fy-rorrt.LS^ To 
us y tro>^inuf gTavtiy "^ 'i/u, 'motiso. . 


OJnJL ikA v/ fi^lt pOLrtr^ wnevt^ oJLonM tAa rcVtjr 
iro,7vk, r for' "i^A pool fukJL by "thlS 'tlartUL tttftUi. 
td f^ow OuJt oj- 'Hu, fialL^ iLfLtL "^e ^^e ^/ *^ 

in. tL slow p*ro c Q 3^ Lotu , "iAjt iDoeio LtaJLC'M tfuk* 
wfly. A//e< «. tc>ne. "ite. "^odo ttxuLTTL^ Lrn-pojUnlr^ 
OjnJ- t ttojifc-nj^ "ifuL 7)u.tM to ^IfLg tJLp "ikt, Ttstr 
of -/Ae pa^Tt^f > fnjov^J. otl cdr a, ^UjiltLktv' pcuc^ 

Vtttk jLltc^ y "tJuL Lory^ CltuL Hit. Ho^ltJt^ OjxU. 
S$on. irrciju^kt' 'Htijrn. Tb cl LiitLe* C.ctt7L. ^ e* ^ CLrtJL 
"t/itr^ tft4.y ScJr Syud^jly try xoit f^^y wrapyoc^ 
jxto trt frlojnkti^ , LLTitiJ, "Hvt rt.&ir of "tki. ioa-»^ 
Ao.«L OTTL'^^JL ^ AfLtL tt^y were aJJ. dyy a-gaxn.,. 
Tkvn thty all S ai down CLja.iri in. cl 

^m^us^ ii tfegtrL AiS sttYy . 

tie nu»ii^*<, tijurm^^ -k ALct,, ojU sl^AU^. 
/iUce , looh^^ <L>wt2. vv*^^ ^on-der aJr "64t 

atJL sfu, weni- on. puiL^Un^ ^tout -this as 
iU fnoitsc iveni on sptaJiut^, ^o ifu^t ntr* 
idtA of T6te faift was soTTLttkCn^ liJ^^ "^^ • 


VTaryik eL.n.d. ^*^*<3 asUL J^'t' 

-Was -iUcmt! 

To ourjeyC 



''^^wyk y^^T -a^^ 

AlicA ^ever-e^jj^^ivitoi- are you. tUnJUn^ ^ ^^ , 

Lujn.tri^ > *^yoa LojL Qoir -& tie, fi^tL te^t^d. , 
I Uink ? " 

I fuLdi rtit ! crLfJL -He, fTuuLSCy sAoL-rptf 

*'A kjLo-t / *' ^cud JilLct., always T&axly 
"tb TTLoJ^B k^'T^cLf- usef-tiZf QjmL LoohutQ CjfLxiotJLsly 
aJnidr tuLr*, oh. ^ tie L^ 7n,t, hjt-lp "to ujnAo iiri 

iU ^nuou^st,, Q€r6i£n.^ uf> CfuL waJLkirL^ (Kwi^j 

"I ctldnU- m^ajnr Ct !" pUojL^d /ooor- 

Tht, crJy j'Tcwt^jL in, rt,pLy. 
"fUaS^ Com^ ^ch itfU /iWsA y^^r^ 
6thry f'^ALat CuMU ^ft^r it , mjL HU jthtT$ 

oJUL joirt^J^ in chorus V*' Z'^'*** ''''' ^ ^*^* 
f^le mLovLSc anXy ^kotfc ds ears , ^injL y^ajMcl 

qvUtkly ay^ay f ojnd wa^ Socn. oai cf- ^c^kt. 

'"yrkodr a pity ^ wouIdiU' stay/ ^i^k^d 

i,kt Lory^ OLnJL o-rx old Cralr Lock, uu, oppor. 

•"thutUty of s^<^ Tb t/2 a-Au^i.tir AJL^my dt^r ! 


CTtoiL^i Th 'try "the pdtL^TiCM. ijf an, oyi&T /" 

J wtsL tl LolJ. ou.r^ Dtnouk ktrt,, J know 
I do f sold AUlm^ alou.d> y uddY^Ssirt^ ne cnc 
in pOurt2AU.laJ^, sfut^JL Sooru jPet^ it i-AtJc ! '* 

T&a.dy "fi tklk clItcuJ: ht,T pt^t^ ' Diniik^S our 
Cat. An.d «Ae'6 Suck a Capital on^ for catchup 
fnCtJL, sfou. OLfCt -tfiLtilc f An,d ck ! I ^isL yea. 
covlU ««. A^r fLfttr Hit IrirdB ! ^L, , sU^U 
f,a,t a, little trird dS Soon as took at it f 

:>Cra,SA^i>n. am^n^'^^ party : SomA of th 

trirds kiLt-rUd o// ^ onee ) on^ old masfii^ 
U^a.-n. wrtipplrL^ Uself up \ft,ry , 
A-err>jOLthL7L^ "I rctULy m.tLat t^ S^^irt^ Acme: 
-the. riLgkt OLLr dot-s rxofr Stcit" vrty tAjroai'^ And 
a cti-nA-ry Calltd ouir m a, trvn^Uifi^ •sToU^ 
to Us i:Aildrt,n * fOTTte fi.v»/ay frTom, Jur ^ my, 5Ar'5 ^^ f^ Compajr^ ftrr you. I On 
yarioicS prett,xTs , ility aJl TtLovtA off , cind 

Alcoi, was . Soon l^fi aloft^, 



S/U Sa.";t fiaT SoTTit, ^vAUt, ^o-rr-oy^ftcL 
an4L scUnir^ (rid ^kt M/as nd lang Uj-or^ 

-hf ktiretli- OLjtUn CLS iLSiatl :'' [ J^ w/fif 
^om^ «f Tk^^m ficJ. stajed^ cu LjtbU lon^ur/ 
and. I wo-s je-tfcTxj "fe /re silcA frUrvJs wotL 
tMvt. — really T&fe Lcry orttL I were, almfos't 
lihe sisthrs ! onA. So was i^jdr deajr litHe, 
J^a%ldj ! Arut "Aien "fi^e. DiLtk amJL iJu^ Dodo / 
Tfow nicely -tfu. yyu-Uc san^ Lb its as w£ cojmt 
alon.^ -hkroiL^A -ihz vflitirr ; CLr^Ji if- Hg, IDoda 

CfitiuL^e^ T dont krtoy^ V^kzn. we. should^ AlVC 

fic^ lon^ s& Tm^hxr. ka^e. prcLttLed* on, Zn 
ifiL$ IV ay, £/• 5/te. ^fii:^ rzffir SiLdden-lM CojJUafJr 


cUrouir it as £/■ M/c-Ttf", as ^'p <^ Aa^ losd' 
ck Ih.y dca* paw^s ! oa Tjy 4ujr CLnd y^Jii^^ktirs ! 


J-rapfit^ Won,, 


.t.i ALct. ^ a.» 

anJ, 1^ oTie* 
•y 'tin.f,' *^^y, 

y AlUt. / wA«t 

U01I. d^iM^ oift 
• T &o hamA «(« 
»efif" attJL CetJe 


of- A neair L^l^ Aeuse,^ cyt. ''^^ <:^©r- of 
V^kich ufa,S ^ Irrc^hh- St^o^^ olalZ UfiH, 

ftaT s Ae ^kouljL rn.^'ci- "iJit. Teal J^Ta*^ Af^"^ 

orue. foo-if hxiiL oecri- Lo^i ltl iJu. rLa,LL^ u-ui 

n^id' V A-n.J. sU U^ayu fa..^^c'y "tt* s^r^t of 

rVe Cf^ ^ watik "hkc^ Tnufust-k^tc ujl Jy<^naA 
com^s b-o-eJc , CLTiuL See. "iAa^h "ike. m^ttse. cUetnT 

a€b OiCb ' ^^^ -^ cLrtb 'UOrL.k ^ A tic 

oJrotct h'ke^ . ^k^ 


An^ vi/a# lust 
g- ...... «j itt ^ ^ an. i/ 

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kai /U»^ ^'^ ^^ /"^ ^fi^c-t^ ^nJL. sIa ^rew 
710 IcLir^tsr : €^iJl it WAS V^yy Uji^tefn^fprtoLtU 

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up TU wrLtt jnA.*-.^Siif IW ^rcwn^ up 
fiayif " Sak:^ she. en a So-r^reyMful tinA, oi . 

n^v^ g^ a^y cUUr iiAn, X o/n now ? TXii'i/ 


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(L^tUn^f fvo\kf ca.n, you ttA.rfu Ltssoms en, htrzt 

cificnL tJb all for a'ny lijssefv^ tracks / 

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a.ft<,'f OL j-tMf tnJL'ruAJjE.s sftt* ntAytL cl vcix^ 

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comin.^ ^ i>«/s f^^ ^^^, ^^^^ ^^ ^e^iAc^ 

'Hui' she. W4.S 9z^w aivict cu ti^nis^^^ 
sza. ^f^tL^on, A ^» cfr^iL of- icr.Jir^stJiltly 
-i^ open, i^, i-*^ ^S it cjstjtM.J^ anj>^ikirJ^ 



if^V'-C' A««- JUH.^^ (Ma 
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e^ -Ai*. *Lr-. ^^«. 

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OiCt of iJu§, ! — S^ujlI of- fiLort, trtakiytg jUss. 

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c-om,LfLq cudr cf "tfu^ l^cn.Uow f " . 

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an. a.r«n. fat* odL 'tK^t'^ 

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c.€^ke. it OM/^y ! 

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anJL "^tn. , Su-tA. cs * sAur^ T tioiih tik^ ch, 
ytr" kct%ou.y, mj- all aj- oJL / "* '^ tLo dS I 'tt.U 
yoct.^ "^oa. CcwojrJL • AfiJL at ulsC skt Spread. 
Otct Ats^ huLttd. CLga^in, CLn.tL 7rvm.Jjt ajLotnvr ^njxtzk 
in iAt, oUt* Lhis TL-rrtt^ tktrft V^tn^K A^J Citblt^ 
ik'ri^ks, a.n,JL trt^r^, Orta-hcn^ jcjlSS — wkat 
CL yULTTt.u-t.'r ef- dJLt,tJLyfLOtrr^ ^.y^y^^s cAfrt ^ytust 
U f^ ikou$ki- ALce, I WofvJjLr foAsL^ Hkey'^l 
tU TttYb f -As far* paclllfLj ^ne oujh oj^ 6^t 
Wi'n^cw, I ef-iy wisk 'fkjty CcttLL : Jm. Sccre 
I JLcrit yhfO-rct la . sh^ in. ktrt Any Urvotr - " 
5ic w^titi for soTTtz. 'tCmt \i^UkMu,{r 


r*a.tTui-tinj of- IcttU, t^iri^^^k^^ , 4UlJL H^ 

^up cL-t 'inie CMfiT^'y — ^910, "ice cwt Zb^cfitc*^ 
/c>si "3^y cLo^t T^^cA, fu^k t,n.ou.gA ^Ct 

hxr^ , "SciL ! caJtcA fu>lJL of iics TVoe w^ii 

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S/.7 ^ X \^oulirit Oe. en ^iU*s place fonr Ci. 

on.^, tru± I iicfJc I Can keck o, li-^U /" 
ctCu^n^y OL^ ^i-C CoulZ^ and waxIIuI "Xili sAe. 


"tnt raibila Voice. 



We truitU IrtL-rtL iJie koust^ cU^i^'" Saul 
•tte. Vdi^e of iU ra,Uit, tLnJL ALc^ CalUit out 
(LB Lu.iL as 5Ae c^a.U "/ yea dc, I'll ^pJt 
7)*^a,k aJr you. ' TLs c^jintd, sdenjc^ ^3^*^j 

Cojt. I je/- SDcntLA Acre f ' sAe /vtun^ <fe Aef 
grcoi- dtUjlt iAai- sAt, was ^^tbUt^ ^m^alUr^: 
very ^lyovt s^e was oMU, 'to qtJr up ou4r ^ 

fn,crt. sAe v^a« once vr^cr^ ikft^tt* cnxABs hjiaK 
SA.e '^o.n. o«/^ o/ ^e ADUse o^ ^a^-'cX:, 

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idtU O^tm-*^ WAt/tn^ ifCtslJjL ^tLirUi^-fic^s 

^htCt mxce , ^^uurr^ls, unJi 'Bill a, UttU g^t?^ 
l^za'>^» •M«/' Wflii IrtLTi^ SufporteJL in. iAe. aryn^f 
of etiA o} ^^* quiyi*a*'pi^^, y/vhtU o^v^fftMr M«4 
fltrcrt^ d Sifnt^-tAitt^ auir of a troitU TLca; 
aU fn,ad$ 4^Tush ttf Aer "Ma. fnom^^i:;^ «Ae <^- 
.0ear«<^» f-oi" /Are rUn Ltr /uuriUst^ 0.91J. ^on 
foLnJ ht^self in dAith woe J.. 

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WAS Ur'TciLy (LU^rmMd all -tU wfiiU CLir Ut tt -^aulJ. pr-oi-akly cUyfotUr- htr en, ^jxJsT 
of all Afr cca^TU.'n.j^ Ma^dl^ kti^w^n^ ^Aai- a4& 
dU , sAe ^iUed u^ a liitU ff^t of- slick, CLTLd 
kj^ld it Oui b "Ctc /3«A/>/o^ i wAjf-^cuj^oTu tAtL 
puf>p^>9.d. vnto -fite ac'T cf-f- olU. tJl -f^^ 
ai ^ft^, (^rtjL ^lU. <l j/«//t» o/ iUU^Ur rusktd 
at Vim s2<c^ ^ CLrvd^ nmad^ (y^lLt^v^ k w#rry <if 
'ikun. AUca cLod^ttL (it^kuTLiL a. grcaif 'OicstU 
h l<^t.p> fur-Stif fr-cm btcn^ nmn. pve-r^ O^td ,iA^ 
*tnx>tn€rd: e/u a^/d«a.r-e<^ a^ "tte otAtr- ScJt iAt. 
pu,ppy TTLai^ u/L^t^r" i£a,Hr ai -iA^ stZUt tiTtd 
ti.itxlritd ktouL o-^tjr k^t^U in. <j& ku.^j ^ at^t 
koUl "^«fi AlttA -thtnJccTL^ U- vxfa.9 Vfcyy Uke 
kaVi,7t^ tt. ga^me. of- f>la.^ Wc/^ a. cajrt ■ Ae-rS^ 
CLTtd exp^ctCn^ ^-^«»> Tnorrternir & kt t^o-i^pUd 
tun-d^T its /fic^. ♦TcLn. -rtu-rtxt "T^Ae ^4x« rfe A.oa<>i . 

WQ^y jfo'T'WQ'r'ds 'tacA Tt •/»!.« Curtd <». Zon.& ^^^' 
tack, CLTtd IroL'rkift.^ flcajTs^l^ Q,IL "£4* MtkJU /i^vU 
cct lasi ^ Sat cCown, a. ^^{7«£ *^^^ ^^JEf, p^^'^t^n^^ 
w^tk «'/i tongue. kurugiT*,^ oui of- its rn.ouXA. ^ ajxd 
its ^€,ai «cy*^ A^2f sktCt 


Tkis teenttJ, A Alu:^ a. goo J. o/>/>'6^la^i^ 
/or TKakC-nj A^r- «ftccL/,e. : sAc sef off ajt onXi,, 
CTtl -ra.TL -UU -ttz louf>p>fs irark So uruLU^juJz 
fdL-nt ut -tkn, d4:stojnxi^^ tLn^JL liH sU Jo^s ^ultc 
turtl tund, oai of- Inre^a.'tL. 

AnJL ytJr M)koLt a- dL^or tittii^ P*^J*y 
dry^ao!'^ so^ AUc^, 0,5 cite ttAid- tLaaC^st eu 
i-uttercup to kt,rs^lf^ artJL -fojyJnjtJL t^rStZf- 

it 'brC'ckz, ^/ if Id. o7t,iy itin. "Ma '^i^Ur 

Sixje ic cLo dr , OL . J^J. rttar^ty foriqotbin, tfteJr 
J ve ^O"^ T& ^-rcvv up o^oln. . XW* mk. See ; igy^ 
is //■ A ^e 97tajn,a^tJ, f ± SuppoS^ X ou^ht to 
Cat or JbrLnJc Sorrv^^triC^^g or* tfikty^ tui Hie» ^Ttd 

TAe cir^ai q^iLtitCorv ^tJ^CmJ-j Was, 
wfLoi ? AUct. LoktJL aU roUTLd. ktjr tvt tU 
{LoYt^^ o^^ '^ ilfl.i/£.i> of gr-a,tfs, tnct c^uli. 
no± See cLTv^ft/Urv^ iJudr lookU Uot iAe ri^U 
ilUn^ 6 ^^^ li^^^er tU ecVc*crTj,<"ftwuies ^ T/i^re 

laok^tL icnjoLa^ ^, oanJ^ On. tctk %lico a^ Itr^ 
ILfU. (ntkLruL it, ^ OCCu.-rrteL fe Aer- to Lo/c 
OLftJ. see. ^^hoJt- wa« on iJx^ top of it. 

SAe SdVefcA.*^ Ae.-rseZ^ up on. ttptSo, 
CLTxi p^<f*J^ ovt.r -the, -e^^e o^ ±U m^u^^f^roam 


amjL Acr e^t« 

Duse itf a. ta.r-ge. 
tint tattfpilLar^ 
vfUii »<'*« sitting 

•£j; BuJ^ttiu Snaking 
a. tenj keokaX, oJitl' 
biking ndr tit. luA 
notLtt. cj Atr or 

Tor «om« 
6W «V '"'*''' 
a^ eo^ eiijt^ in 
Si/frnx*. : ■ «^ ^s^ 
, Ottt ef- iti 
^iJ.rt9Sti, Atr. - 

t"^^^«^'£|^|o|»^ T^tiU r».tUr ,X.y/y, 

■"«ii ■ — 

StL^d. Alice, ^ &tca,u^t Xnrt. ^xot 9n^^*'Lf, you. St^\ 

Alice ^BfdUi' ^t'Ty pcUtkly^ ^ ftyr I c^ju^Ur HJittUr- 
d.ifft'Tvn^ 5£ze5 <^ one. tLiy 'is Vf^y C4f^fu^i9t^, 

l/\rt.tL , pAr-fiAffS you. /uLVt.^ fctunJ- ft So 
y^ ScuA ALlc^ f v-iLzr vt/Atn. you. hoAfe, Lo cimf 

Hat LnM H irutt^rflsf, I iLcuU -ifUnh it'll 
(ttl Oi ^^^ qjlAt.'r, eUiUr yjca.'Ui^^^^ $v . 

" A il T knoyo c5 * SojjL AUeA^ . " it v^oaJA 


sue/ vs^ sko^t rttn^'^ks, om^JL ^it. drtw tir* 

-6*// ^P ^^^ Saj.d. V<^ ^^aV«2y I T^Zwtk yoa 

pallet "A i:fU trbt \uh£> y/vu. ar^ffLrst, 
/>VXj, ? * Sato, "tt« c^i£^pUlaT. 
Mcrt IVA5 iLn^tiiJr jsu^zzUna ^iLt,s'&*«n : 


Tc ikaJh cJl V SojuL AlLtM.; S^s^aJlowinj 
loWfL h,*r ojn^ytjr ojS v^tlL iLS ska tcuJjl. 

fJU< iUl ^A* ttCt^r^p^il^ m^ktitlL fujr home- 
'tU'nq ^orik kt^-rtr^ For 5rm.«. rrujn^tt3 ih 

tnii- at ^^^ ^ ujn,foitUJL its Af^TTLS, iboto Me 

kpokak Oid of' iis 'mcUtk a.gALn.,ATtJ,SaU So 
you. pUf^k yfou:^t, chx»^U,iU^ yoit^ ? 

coTTua all cL^fer^f^ / ^ 

"r<v ojiJ^ repeat "" yiu, ar^ dJ., /tM^r^ 


5— a 

. .*• .*. .*. .*. .*. ^. 4f. 
'-a* -S' •*■ *S- *»• -g'-**"'^-"'^-" 


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'':K^ qpj£ Ti^ht^ ZV o/i^^iT Saljl Mi.ce. 
ZLmjiJJ^f SOTfiM, of -Hit, yiorjjs La.^/9, Qoir aLtL-f^dj . 

^U iidt^piUa^ d^LUJLLj ^ iuuL i^Lt. was siltTLce, 
fffT soTTLA mlauJEs :4h^ cadbr^iJlA;^ Mftus He 

^J-r'tfr "6 S^taJk* 

PfiLat Sczfi do yfou, waiit is t>t,?^ it osk^d. 

hjL^tily replied, Only one. dovsnt Like, duf^t^in.^ 

"Art. y^«- cfinikrit ticw . StUd, Tfite tatirpilU,T. 
TrUU.I ^IlouU like -& U Q. biUi, lajr^tr,^lr, 

li LS a. %f€ry good. kt^^Ur in.dtt.J. /* Souid 

its-tlf styai^it up ^3 it y^chb fit waJb txatt^ 
ikrcc in.cAe» A.t^^) . 

'But Int. TLo-t used, ih it/* pcor^ 
Ahu^ ijt. Cl pit^tLS thru,, Qm.d sh^ 'ikou.^kb 't> 

'tht catk'*'pLlLA:r^- cltixL it put "tLe^ fLookoJi UtCth 
its , OJn.d- be.gajn. Sfn-oJci.rt^ OLficLtn, . 



vrvkt. it in. ivja ' 

fei.^j «• lift;/ 

a.-n.e^ TiifiJI*!/. ■ a. 

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&y : Hic lui-ii't rno 

Vio/*«^ i/ow on. 
Ktjr cKin. • li: KnJ. 

S^»-^«'; -*- ;*■--*-■»- t- . , , I 

tr k*.nJs ■' ioM It it 

i?r,.U. ■^ rfri-y '^'- *«^ 
., OrfwA vii» Jn.Ughh.i' 
WQoJLiL trcn-J. at'oi 

itdU in. *«fl.^.i3 ''■ 'A'""' 
*y, «Jt<i was jD^n-a ^ 


**X'V4 'trC^A every WAy • "Um, pi^ton^ Sa,i£ 
5«e.<m.5 To Siur ewt. . 

'Tit, trC^tL tht roifts of- tr^s, a,njL 2 ve. 

vitrct on, vjLtkoa.t ottlndirLj to hjt^ , " Irujt "C^e^Jt 
5Cryben-fe ' ^Acre's ttopUasU^ \^ .' '' • 

AUc^ was TTvaro (ltlJL rruyrt, pu,x^le.€l ^ 
tru± skf^ tkoujkt -tfit-re, M/a.5 'no U,S^ Ln 5a,yiru^ 
a^TLjil^rt^ -tdl -Ma piston. AaJ^ fcrLc'sAU . 

"As <f it wtLStCt tToJrli. tTLOu^k. lui^kn^ 

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I k^trit kal iL WinX of dup -iktst ii^tVL Wuks!' 
Tm V^f^f Sorry' i^^'^Vt tttfi. (UuTLoytd., ^oLL 
AUU, lrZjC7UfLin.j is 5Ce its ^tanin.^. 

UL Uz vs/ooJ-," 6ojU -tkt ptyti^n, Taul^Cn^ Us VoUe. 
^ o. ^krUk/^inJL was Ju,Blr Hcnkiry I ^as 

iv.c oj^ '-- -^ ^-^* ^ rr"* :^^:^ "'^ 



dfitLt^jfti-Uy, as sAe. 9^ ihjt* n^cffda^ of 

A Likt^ly 'sbry CnJLt-uL ! StuxL tk^ pijtcn.^ 
"iVe eeea. a, qpoi, frva.ruf of iAA^rv tn. my tcTnn^ 
ftdr nAyftnr ^nt^ wi^ ^u^cA, a. liXcJb cls yours ^ T^o^ 
y^l^Ve fb S^r-p^fitf I KtLOW ' tkaj nv«.Z/ t,noa.itL ' X 
%aff>ost yoii^U 'tcil ^jxe n^xt "tlAxJr yea. n.evc.r^ 
"ttu^ttJi CLOU e^3 • 

*'J A.a;ye 'ttL^UJL ^55 s , ctytcUrLLy ,' s^,t:d. AlUt, ^ 

who >^o^s ^ "^^^ l^yctLj-uX i-ACLL, (ru-i LixtLttJL 
X i.Ofit Yfo^'tdi OUfLy oj- youLTS.l ioitt ixh^'tktTfL, '^w,' 
^ ""^^fii/, At cfj-t tJctn. J Stud. -Ht OcyCo/L. , CLTtJ. 

5 Ac ccictJ't^s Ji&r' ht.pJr y^ttin^ erLtiL9i,yle,eL 

hxLtL to stop ajn~^ CLri.'twis& it Soon. 5 Ac. rt-» 
^ Tnt.rrilrt'rt.tL "^Ae, piitct^' cj- musLroo-m, %v^x^^ 
^Ae ftLU ktlJL in /um Aut^cLs, iLrLcL St.{r 'to ^ot/< 
vfru cx3urt.fiLlLy f TtClrblcrtg yCr^lr ar oTLt. and. cAen, 
ixt -Me tftAer*, mrveL yr-ovi/i.Tv^ SomeJtrncs taJlt^ 
a*io6 SoT7xe"/t77ucs S^o*''fe•, u-ntd sA*. AuuL Sue- 

Ji %^4lS So U>*La ^c9vc^ sAc KetJ, free»i. 

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ai j-L^si^ trui 5^e ^<rt qjLitt UStJ. t!s if^ UL d 

Xin^ ^«vey StLTV y^kai- 1 9n Qoln^ ih tt, , f^^^n, 

^cf «^«^ "itaf teoMti-jul garden Aow £S 

-f^fl-f- -£^ (re tLonA ^ I w^n.^fe-r .' 

Vtat on± o^'tkt, "trtJes ktLtL ou doorwaj^ ItoMf*^ 
rCJih in It it." T Let 9 V4,ry cj4,tiou.s / *' S/<e. 

r>ui,i as vi/c^ ^^o en,- Afii£ en skz v/ttct. 

Ln^ ktLlL, anji cU'St. id iht lUtlt fUss 'ttdH; 
"now 1^^ vrtJUfLo^t. (rttttT -Ous feme. sAt SaIJL 
k Tu.-r^^i^, cuLcL (^i^cun. try ^takin^ "Me Ldtk 

in.ll i^^ QurcUfL.Tk^n. ^h^ Set ir Wi>rk ^disy 
iM l^i^^^^ cf -micsk-raom -till sht Wa.s Alroair 
^lyk^r. cncJuB kicfk : Hun. ^h> y^^kU ^^ 
ilu. l^l^ pass^ff^ : arU tUfi: ^k^ fonnl 

-H.^ l^:^tr+r i-Lx^P-flypJc Cl%A. zkt Cool ■foanUMS^ 


=SaiiE-!i-*iiiss. . . 

"What fi^r ?" sa.U -ihn, cnt wko Aa^ 
Tk.di€ fLifi' yoeur fc-ast'tiess^ Two ! StLuJL 

J*IL t^U Aifn. : et n/o^s fv-r 6rcnjiny iruUf^ - ^©oG 

^tyen. f-lunj dawn, /Lti otush , OjnJL AaJL 

jt^tst trt^ujL, 'wtlL: Of a.U "ike utlJusI' 'Htkjs * 

ivAfttv Axs eyt. fell Uf>9n. AICqa, arttt Ac stop^tJL 
%tA.dcltnty . -Me otkers tooktd. -rcunet, a.9xJL aJl 
of tktrrv "took c/-/ 'th^tir Adfs and. hy^tJL low, 
""WotLltL \fou^ t'^U '^^t fileaet, ^ ^Jcee, 
tCrrUdMf. "voA^ yoti. art, p>Q.LiCtiTt^ -tko&t, roSes T" 

T*iv€. CLTvi^ ^^"^trn. looked, air Tvfo, ^ 
soaJL fictkCn^ : jTwo utyan ^in a. Uysf votca^^y^iu 

red, rose inrt^^ a,n.JL wa ^ctt a, whitT 

one, in. 

6-u mC^kt, cund if "Zf?4c Qut^n was A^ fin^d. 
it: ou±, wfe sAould o2L Aave. ou.Tr A^aJ^ ciL^ 
off. Sc , yotL sec^^ i^eVe cl^^n^ oa.r- Sesi, ^^ofe 

/it* An*^ i-e^ft-* looktny (LtLXLously across -^^^ 
^4^<3^en caJlo-J out t^ GL^^ttn ! ike dtfetttf^oP 



-Sche. fLit upotu -ttetV /Wtes. ZXttTB. w« q. 
$i»u«Li£ cf TTLA.^ 'fooHtyis, and AUcm. locktJL 

•ihtst v/e»x all sko^ptJL Ukt -iU -Hr^ ga^rdjuutys 
flat tifU fffltyn^ , wM iLtlr La.yuLs A'flJL ft^t ttt- 
"Hut tomJLTS : fLtx^ ih^ tin, tourtutrs ; i^ese 
WfTt all OTTUOLfTLtJntkd Wt;^ o^lcLtTLoiids ^ eunJL 
Watk^Ji two an.JL -two^ 45 nfifc 9oLJXZTS iluL.Afiir^ 

iiiest OLTfi^ iU Jioyf^ chiUrtn, :-lkvTV H^ere. ^n. 

of titan , a^TuL -ike, tMU JjLqjta C/n^mjt Au^yn^pcnj^ 
nL^-r^^J aIotl^, AatiA en AaiuL ^ Ctv to uf>Us 1-6/16 j 
\V{rt. all oT7iJ0um.9^ntitL VifCtk hj^^rts . Jftxir CmJnc 
ihc g'^^^t frvQ^y kiri^S. and itLtt.n.s , iL-m^oTty 

was lAUcinj ^ a kurH^iL nf-ry^us ma.n.7z£r^ 
^rrtdcTi^ air tyt-ryfkin,^ jnat m/as said, pLTid 

weTcb hy witiout ndiCal'n^ htr, Tkt-n. -fcUowed 
on a cu^Aiotu, a-ruLf ta,str of- all i/ils grnunj. prv^ 

^cess!o7v,c4unB The XING' anjd qujejei^ 



t AUce.,tkty all stSppU and IcakU ai^hr^and 



it to tkt TC-nave, of ^tai^ ^y^Ao onLy (fmJL a-nJi 

I diet /* ^tLtd. TAe dttAe-n,^ ^UrytiyLa uf> itr* 
nose , f^TiA, askwd. AUc^ wfuxis uct-^ ftami^^^ . 

"My TlAfTlt, is Ah\'t, tso fiUa^se you.T' 7&: 
.jtslji^ 6aiiL Alice Ud{ii,foT ^U ikctL^h h '• 
furfi^lf "wiyft iJieyVi only a pack of Cards f T 
nttdrtt A* afjrjLitL ef -/Aim. !" 

T^/lo art "tn-tse. ?* ^acd "Tat Giti^tAn, pointing 
ltd 'iht 'hkyt£> ojard.^'njf'rs ly^T^^ To tunA "ifvL rt soiree 
far, as "/^tfy were ly^nj on. "titer fac^s , HTzd "fie. 
nAtt^rn orL.'iiet'r Iracks \^as "mt StumA a.^ "the, 
r-cst of -fht />Ack, she coulfi Ttot -ttH wh^i^vtr- 
•ih^s Wf^^ a4,r-d^?i€'rs ^or SoUiirS ^ or OciLrUtr^ , or 
ikree. of- Aer Oy^J\. ckildrcn. 

"jH^^w 'Skould X knew ? " StLid Alue fSu^ri'i^ 
a-'k h^^ own, Ctfia'a^ef tts no bit^in^ss oj- i^nl^Te. 

T'Ac Qa.e/.fi Tumtd c-rimSfn. x^Wi fu.i*^, 
OLfid Ajtlr qloLrCrtj ai k^n- ^t a. tnirLulii , P€^aTL irt 
a VCLce of 'Uu.ndejr off -v^ltii Ur ^^—^ 

'!//<in-Sen5C . * Sa**^ AUc'Q. , "^^-ry handily an^ 
,i€ct.iit(Lly ^ und. "^kt QufjtsL y^iLi Silent. 

The Ki'riif laid hi a fio^nd upon, ntr- arm^ and 
Sacd TLmidiy *' rt7ri€7n,'ttr^ mu dt^r . Skt C5 on/y 
a. ckili . 


ThA Qut^tn. tiLrhtJ. tf-njrt/y A^a^ /»'^'«- ^(^i 

ortA Said or me ICnavt " rum 'fAem. avtr* / * 

Gti Ufi^ 5 eld "titt Clu^n,,cn a ^A-n'tl ttiLd 
VoLct' , 0nti "Ht 'rKrtt^ ga,rtUittirS On standi,^ ju,m.p^tL 
iipf and bt^an. howCn.g Jo mt TCtn^ , "iAt Queen^ , "^Aa 
Ho^al chiUrin, an.d tvtrjJfody eJs^,. 

'^ LtjiV€ off -t/itLt ! sc're.iL'm.tJ^ "ifit ^tteejt,, jf«a« 
rrvakt '''^ auLttu . Affid 'intrL ftUrrUru^ ts "tfu. rose 
-tree , 9m vi/enxr on," ^ve . ya. htitn. <locnj^ Aert^ : 

y^ay dr plta,se jour iMajtsbf^ ^aid Two 
vtYu tuLrn^lu , ^OLfty dowrt Qfi ont, /cTL^fc as Ae. fj:>eke^ 
"we we?'* ^J^'^S • 

X set. Said ot« Qu£.tn. , wAjO La.d m.ta.'tctLnLe, 
been txanvinlrv^ -lAt V^^ses^ "rfS" ^iJ^ "fAeir heads! 
and- "^C forvccssloTh 7n,ovtd on , zk-jf^Jt, of He ^oldi^r-s 

qard^rvt-rs, wko mn, ic Alice, for pr^tictZen , 

**Yotl sfuuCt Ae b^^ktM^d^d ! Sacd -A/iee, and 
ilit put -tk^Tn. into Ajtr pockti" : ijfc 'Hirtt. ^oldi^rs 
nriA-rcX^d OTLC't VOUTld kt-r ^ loofccTL^ for -ihtm^, otixL 
iJi^TL ou.L€tLf nuxrcAed. off afcEr iJuL eiAtrs, 

"Art. HtL'T ktads off?^'skcuitd -tte QuM^n 
"Xk^lr kttds a:tt Qon^y^tAt, Soldiers skoatid 


play Crotiutir ?" 

Th^ ^oLJLCtrs wtrt, ^iU-nir, anJL Looked tJr 

'^tsl ^fLou.til ALce ai-ikt &p •f-ktr voilcA. 
Come oTi. TIL971. . OH)«ajre«^ iAt, QjLtJtn.^ ayuL Alue, 
join* J- we proc^^SiorL.^ y^oruLt-rifLn ^^Ty mucA 
wkui' vfoald /idpptn, ntxir. 

"H^ — its a. very ^ine. day!" Stud a. -LnUj 
lUtU Voice. : she. W4S WaZX: tnj t>y "thp. wkck TAlkih 
wA# M/AS piiepin^ anTLLouslj i-nt fttr faXJR* 

I4ry,'* Said Alict/'v^^tyts 'ikt 7^>Ta:rckConess ?" 
J-Ju^n., htisk. . Said Tnt raiicf in a, to ^ Voice. ^ 
'\ht:ll hear ^oa. The Qat^ris Ht lATareAi^ftess ;Jid7Cf 
ypu. lcnoy\f "Tnat . 

"jfo, I didn't; ^aid Alict^^vOUi ^/?- 
QiLe<*n, of H<a-rti ^ ^aid ific Takhjr in, a 
vokisp^r^ patZLn^ its rrtoatk. c^se "& ht-r tajr^ "art J 
MiL-rt/LLpTi-t^s of- J^ock TtLrtUs. 

"l/\rkair are iJit^ ?'* Said ALce , ^at Hext HttS 
110 1xm.t'^4-or "Mc ansvi^tf, J^r "inej had -r^uck^J. 
-xhi^ Cis>Slt^^'^' Q^etLfid, and 'Hit qamjt kti^a.n, CTLstkrCtly, 
JxLLCt, uioiLejIi't 5Ae. rttLd TVfs't^ -Spcti. Sucj( 
H, curious Cjroiiu.ei' grou.-rtd en alL ktr UJ^ : ifr wa% 
aXi in- riJ^^S and furrcws ; -He c-rciiut- ^aUs were 
ZtVe /itd^tko^S^ ifAe tTULlltts Uve, o^Tric^te^ and tK^ 

Soldiers hcLd iq doullt tLtfTL%dvti Up^ojid sknd 




jptf^ gtntrtU^ , just 
H^t sU ^ gd i& 

fS^^MtfiSiU was Jfliij 
£B sly* «. A^w wiiS 
1^ hMU . it. ^ut/ 
^iuitt iti»If rBu.n.4,, 
\-a.n/L Utk up £tlS 
I'Af jv.a., Milt sitci 

, _ ,^..__^,„ ^_^.Jtf<^^««5^J ■ aW 
^^^ll&ii^gS-Zgli^M^itlgS'a J a-W wo,* '40^ 

^■*!I'*^m{{B>' i^*l^, ^nJ was 

r^ ^ ^ :«;:«: is; se:^ , 

parts- of ^Ae ffiot^nd, AUc^ S^on. cottl^. "fs 'Ho, 
C^tutjc5Len> tktLt. it was a, yftru tLfj-iuLth jBUfnfi isiiUi^., 

Tkt, fiUxjt^Tii a^lL pUy^ air cnxA ^iM^al' 
Walt^J fer ULrrui , tLrtJL JtLa.-rrtUt.tL ttLL He whil^^ 
at "ft^t "ibps of "tk^lr voccis f ojndL In. a- vei^^ i-t^w 
mlfuLtts "tftB (Jattn. H/«s 4>i a. fu-risaS f^oj&sCen^, unJ. 
Wtfdr stiLm-pcrtg alotct OJftJL sA-Otdcn^ 'off- wctt Lls 
kta.i' /"lir "^/Z H^«-tt" ktr kto^JL!^ nhoM^ ontt u% A 

ffUTLutc. All "ikcSe. w/LOffL, 'sfiA, StTtt^ftCtl, WtTt. iiJceyu 

CjJm CiLsthJ^ Ay "Me ^oUUrS, wAo of- tou^s^. HaJ. "& 
Itjayt^ off ieinj arckts lb A tA/s , So -S^dt-^J^yf -Ma 
Cwi of- A*// an, fuur or So ^^trt wt-rc tlo ol-tcAos 
Ufi , OKtJL all -tkt /fl4Uf^r^ , t,%ct/dr -^ ^^^ , 'Ua. 
Quetft, and- Aliet, were Cn, CmJ&CoJj^ p artJ* ' curul^r- 
Sftx2e7LC» of ^tt,cuXC0n.^ 

ThjtTK -ikt Clu^tfu Uft ^f^ yjLih out of LruCti^ 
a-niL Stud -fe AUc€ "Aare you, sttn, "ife ^yiTocA Turtit f 

'Wi/' sox^ Alitt, ," I. JLoiLt even. kn.ow ^jTu^t 
a. 'Mock Turilt cs. 

" ContA, on^-tktn,^ ^iuitL iJiM. Ciu-ijLtL ," ojLiL iir 

sAt^U "i^ }/ovL us Littery . 

As "Mty ^alMtJL off ijbj^tkjLr^ ALct ^atJL 
•fji^ TCcrv^ Sou *^it' OlUw VOLct I "to 'tkt ^orfLptLn^ 
qen-frallM , \y0iL lLi% alt fio^rdontJ. * 

* Cowl, 'Hjfts a. gooiL ifUn^ ffkBu^ktAUce.^ 
hfko %ad ftl^ <IU4^ qrttted at tht Tuum-L^T qf 


[sS^l^S^Ci^ ruhhej. Us 

"i;.iG;I?s' ■»■■»■ ■»■■»■ 

fia.Ttt' ntArtf. Jxlict, 
Could. PMar it sighCrLy 
a.-i i^ Cb iis hto^rh 
viouXl hrto-h. SA« 

i* tG Serrow 7 sAe. 
iLikcJi -m* Q-ryfi&an ^ 
QJld, ■««■ CrnjofLen. on* 

t'n Tftt SaTTit tvfris 
. IIS iejiirt^ Ui all 

its Sa^uCjj , 'truLzr : ^ 
W k'snt get no Sorrow, 

you kn*'": cohlC on. . 

a deep AoUtw TonA^" 5it J-Own,, ojiJL dofit s/>tak 

Sc "61 ey saTT down, , eLnJi no crtt e/tok^ 
fir sorrf. yru.7LuttS : A/^Ve 'tk^u.^kt l5 At^ 
"I dant See hew tt can, tvjtjr f-irvisk ,</ it deesni 

"Ontt^SaU -Ut :J^ctk TuytU ojt Lit witi 
CL Ji^^ SL^fi/T WAS a, r-tal TurUt* 

T^ese UfcrJia ^Aftt^ fotlowtJi ky ^ 
L/yfLj science , ir#A'ftn. orvly hy ttn. ceca,SLOfLaJ, CXT- 
^cUrrvahcit of "Ajckrrk r froTfL-tAt Ctr^^k^n, an^d 

J{Utt iviis Vt-rif fL€4rZy g^tU-n^ u/t ojcJ. SoMtnjm, 
"ifiaiLk yea,, ^ir,f»r year cn/i-rtsTTn^ ^iory ^ L± hU 
coulJ. f^oir kelp -t/UrJcifiy -6Lert> 'ffLUsJ ' it, mcr9, t^ 
Con?«'» 5i» s/tt. Sat SUU and SaJ,JL TLotiUnxt. 

yrU-n, vi/ft wtre, kftU ; -fcfe yCeck TiLrUt, 

littU rmw £Ui.ct-6t«,fi/we wnTdr iz sckool in H^ 

5€a Tke miLS&r was eun old. TtL-rtte ''^ l¥e u.^&i 
Jh call riLTn Tor'thise — — 

" l\rky del yuc CaOL kinL Tif rfots* , tf /c 


iojL^ki its' SaJj Ue J^e^ TtLrUt A^jWij/realL 
you are y/tty dull f 

Xetc Oil fit k Ae ^^^kjLnvtJL oj- %fotJLrs*.lQ f^r 

oJuL -tUn, -tt«y l^ik Sed- siUfct tuiJL Uoh^tL at 
f^cof' AUc€, wi^ S-^lt TtaJy -b 9LfLh LTitt-tkt t^ir-ri : 
air Usi -Ujl Grrypkon. Saul k '^ 'M^ot^k TvL-rttt, 
" gd on. , oil S^Uuvt / l^oftt t%. olH d^ ' "ojtJL Hi*. Mitk 

Ttirti^ }vtfCt OTt UL tktik Words* 

YctL fn-fly TLo-t Aft ire Ic^ed TTULtL Uftdtr- tkt 
5Ca — "^"J ^y^f^^ ^aJL ALct^ " arid fit.-rkjLps ycc 
wtr^ oi^v%.*r even. inJbroduciJL "fe a tohstl'^ ^...^^ *' 
CAiCtje, bt0tun. "jfe Say 'I Onxt iksbd — " iai- AastcL 
cktc.kt.J, /tALrS^ff ofLd Sa,ld *'n4t nAver," irLstEad^ "5^ 

Jaoksbtr GljJ^rilU» is 

UCng CS it f'' 

ViAj, S^U -{Ai G^/^ks^'yu^ form. LftAr 

"EtLtA wiH a Ul^sti^ as pstrtfLt-r ^* ^ntd 
the Orryplun,. 

" Of- cotJLfS^ " "tte ^Tock T^oMtlv ^iLuLp advtLTLte. 

"TUrt, yea kuowj' certrokuU -tkt Mo ^k 

,fl. l^tan^JL inJk -ikv air, 

"As /«r eut i^ Sem olS ^etL C4^ 

"Tktdj cU^* 9a.uL ifit Mack Tu^^,^iuiJ!^Kif 
dxtf:>f>ifu^ t/s veU^, O^TuL "tk^ -is^o tTTtailLVtS^ >o;ko 

M ^g time,, Stdr' JLo>nfn. a^ojjrt. Styj SttMy anj 

'l^eu.tJL y9u. iuke to See a. UttU ef it^ 

*'Ve^v Trud^^ULd^eJ^,'' StUJ Alice. 
"Ccnue., Uil^'by ^e /tr»^ /'^jure . Sat/, 

83 7-» 

.2. as *''*'y rt»W <)l^ 

I Ace ^» iMJtn.liJ>jr 

^9^-/>^w* -a mark 
Jifict. T«a-rt» s«nj^ 
■Httt vorisi 

«r.«''is'2s^w»«f*^ y** ««* "*•' 

Shall V^e. "^y -{Ae, Ste^tuC ^^•^ft»? ^auL 

ta^t^ty^ 'kftai' "tit Crymhsn, B^uL , irt. £L. ^a^tner 
-kstts ! SCny iSty *!Aitifd/: TtL-rilv Sstip^ will 
TU '^ook TuHk ^C^ktJL J-^^/>hf ^^ 


^^'tLvdcJ-Jb ^oafi, So rick a.7^1 gnreen^, 
'Vfa.itCTt.g IfL a. ko-t 'tu^Tt,^ru ' 

^^itp oi- 4kt tv^fUnfi, bt^iCtlJ^uL Soap . 
^ao'-oop 0f tkt e-e-«vem»j/ 


-tUm. a t-ry of "iht -trUl's £ejin.n.*nj '"waa 

hfrd /> Hi* dtsknte^. 

tah'nj AL'ct o-y tht IlmjiJL ^ fiB kurrud. of^, 
hfifieui waLfcnj for "A^c tnd. o/ "fjic SofLf. 

T/^rka-t -trUL L6 it ^^fiAfCbU AUce as 
sU "rati, Iruir tU Gr^jpLm. oitltf ^ji^Mfvttd. "cDfnt, 
C% ! Hf^d t/l7J 't/lt fa stir* ^ CLn.tL ntoft, OjnJL ^.cr^ 

Sao ^ 000 cf- zAt e- t " ty^trtLnM ^ 
'BtaUti^al b^tauLfaX Scap !*' 

T/ft- JCtn-j dnJL dtLCtn. wtrt. Stmltd, 077. 

vjkiiZ ToJJ>Or, wtijt' a. truTnpdr Ol onji jiojul 
(UuL €L Scroll oj- ^arxATn-fAJr c^ 'iJu^ otJi^, 

tht, JClnj. 

C'fa. -this -tkt \ifkik rinlllf tUw iJirte. 

f^arcJiTrnftt Scroll, and TiaJL as f-otlowsi 


SfiMi Ctrj$ 


fifing on. iAt. in-rJc, 

'»■ ' . ■ 

«4- /I'J- 

A ntct ioft^ sUtp ^*£*Ve. kad> . 

Alice, CLrtJL aXcw tbll kt^r Sihttr all Atr AJvknjk^% 
Vn.^er- CrrcunJ, as yotc nave. TtM.d. 'Htm.f ityid wAa^ 
</le kcuL firtlsktJL, fur sisUr kissed^ /fer» astj^ 

^tdr no^ Tun. i^ & your utL : its gtttZn^ lat^''. 
So Alite TafL off , iA inking whth sXe r-mn. 
(/IS wtU 5le ffti^hlr) \uhair tL \A/onjJjtjrfJL drt^Tn. 

Sudr ht)r siitSr Sat iAtr^ ^oirtt. M/kcU lortg^^, 
WpTcklnn itte eettin.^ Stcrt, And 'HtLn.kin^ of L'ttit, 
yiliee CutvJL kjt-r Ad^ftrttu^fs^ -till skt. "too it^art, 
Jbrta^TTvinA ofttr a, f ask ten., eund "OlCa \%/as ht^ drtmvn; 

yiver 'wt'n.tLin^ nta,r Lt alett^ ckt. tflairt , (LtlcL up 
-Ht $trtu,m, w^nir sl^M/ly ^LJinj A aioa^& u/clA « 
m€r^u pa/rtsi of children, on. froa.rd '— ^kt, Could. 
Uar- tktir vcCcts QjtA. Uu^kttr hkt ^m^su, cvtr- A4e 

j^a^r And amen a ihtrn. WQ.S Andtk^r UttU 

AUc4,,wko sot U^ttninj Vfttt Irt^kt Payf- ^Jtf, 
to (L tdta Hat was beCnj told, and ske tistin,td 
for He wotJ^ of Ht taU , a-ml U^ it wt^ H^ dre^m 


^/ ktr own. UHU St^kr, ^# "tflt toot wovLnJL 
^Loyfiflj atoftj, btrttatk tit IrrL^kh Sti^^^f^^Jty, 
Witt t/i mcr«^j^ crt,yf>f 4Ui4*dT masio of v^cces 

vTtCny Tumtfty9 tf Mt ^'trtafn,,anJ. ,5 At S^w itn^ frtsff. 

-^^B ' d^tam J as it Wffft.) Aow ^iS Sam*. li/Ot'Auu 
pffotilJL , Cn tkt tLf-ttr^'tCm.e. , ie AtrStl/- a. grpwst 
vyotTULn. : arLd. kow skt would kttp, Tntou^ w*" 
TtpZ'T ytars, 4Ae. simple^ itrtd. Ipytttg kt^-tir of 
ktt thUdkopJL . an.t/^ kow sAc wouU joH^^ asmurJ 
lu^ dtitf* IMq ckiU^n., arLd mjcf. ^im' eyes 

pt^rkapo even. •'Wt/S Tiese, vtry advetCttut'S of 
-Uu UttU Alitt. cj- Unj'Ojt ' AjnjL how ske 
Y/ciitl /ee^ wtZi" all -Heir simple Sorrows, aJid 
fund Cl pUo,SiirSL in oil ihtir Si-ntpU joyS, 
rtrrv^rrLb^rirtL k^ Owi, chuld^ Lfz ^ crJL tkt 

hoLfipy su.'mmBT cLa,y^. 


91 [turn over. 





Dear Child, 

Please to fancy ^ if you can^ that you are reading a real letter^ 
from a real friend whom you have seen, and whose voice you can 
seem to yourself to hear wishing you, as 1 do now with all my 
heart, a happy Easter. 

Do you know that delicious dreamy feeling wficn one first wakes 
on a summer morning, with the twitter of birds in the air, and the 

fresh breeze coming in at tlie open window when, lying lazily 

with eyes half shut, one sees as in a dream green boughs waving, 
or waters rippling in a golden light T It is a pleasure very near to 
sadness y bringing tears to one^s eyes like a beautiful picture or poem. 
And is not that a Mother's gentle hand that undraws your curtains, 
and a Mother's sweet voice thai summons you to rise f To rise 
and forget, in the bright sunlight^ the ugly dreams that frightened 
you so when all was dark to rise and enjoy another happy day. 

94 gin f asicr Cmtiitg. 

first kneeling to thank that unseen Friend^ iifht* sends yott the 
beautiful sun f 

Arc these strange words from a writer of such tales as *' Alice " ? 
And is this a strange letter to find in a book of nonsense ? It may 
be so. Some perhaps may blame me for thus mixing together things 
grave and gay ; others may smile and think it odd that any one 
should speak of solemn things at all, except in church and on a 

Sunday : but I think nay, I am sure that some children 

will read this gently and lo^fingly, and in the spirit in which I 
haifc written it. 

For J do not belie^'c God means us thus to divide life into two 

halves to wear a grave face on Sunday, and to think it out-of- 

place to eifcn so mttch as mention Him on a weekday. Do you 
think He cares to see only kneeling figures, and to hear only tones of 

prayer and that He does not also loife to see the lambs leaping in 

the sunlight, and to hear the merry voices of the children, as they 
roll among the hay f Surely their innocent laughter is as sweet i7i 
His ears as the grandest anthem that ei.>er rolled up from the " dim 
religious light " of some solemn cathedral f 

And if I have written anything to add to those stores of innocent 
and healthy amusement that arc laid up in books for the children I 
lo7fc so well^ it is surely something I may hope to look back upon 
without shajne and sorrow (as how much of life must then be 
recalled !) when my turn comes to walk through tlu: valley of 

This Easter sun will rise on you, dear child, feeling your ^^ life 
in every limb," and eager to rush out into the fresh f naming air 

^n €asltr ©rrrling. 95 

and many an Easter-day will come and go ^ before it finds you 

feeble and gray-headed^ creeping wearily out to bask once more in 

the sunlight but it is good^ e7ien now^ to think sometimes of that 

great morning when the " Sun of Righteousness shall arise with 
healing in his wings,^ 

Surely your gladness need not be the less for the thought that you 

will one day see a brighter dawn than this when lo7felier sights 

will meet your eyes than any waving trees or rippling waters 

when angel-hands shall undraw your curtains^ and sweeter tones 
than e^'cr loving Mother breathed shall wake you to a nnv and 

glorious day and wJten all the sadness, and the sin, that 

darkened life on this little earth, shall be forgotten like the dreams 
of a night that is past ! 

3 'our affectionate friend, 

Eastetn^ 1876. 


[from a fairy to a child.] 

Lady denr, if Fairies miiy 
1-nr a moment lay asiiic 

Cunning iricks and eifibh plav. 
Tis at hr-ppy Christinas-tiac 

We hnve henrd the cliildren say — 
Grntle diiidrcn. whom x>e love — 

Lrii); airo, oil Cliristnias Day, 
Ca.ue a uicssa^'C fruiii above. 

Still, as Christmas-tide comes round. 

They rcjiieinber it ajrain — 
Echo still tlie joyrul sound 

" Peace on caith, yuuU>will to men ! 

Yet the hearts must cliildlike be 
Where such lieavenly quests abide : 

Unto children, in their f^iee. 
All the year is Christiuas-tide t 

Thus, foff^etting tricks and play 
For a moment. Lady dear. 

We would wish you. if we nia^. 
Merry Christmas, if lad New fear ! 

Christmas, 1867. 


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